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2-day weekend camping tickets

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Your ticket price includes all workshops, activities and materials, vegetarian meals throughout the weekend (lunch and dinner Saturday, breakfast and lunch Sunday), camping, kids zone and music
O preço do seu bilhete inclui todas as oficinas, atividades e materiais, refeições vegetarianas durante todo o fim de semana (almoço e jantar no sábado, café da manhã e almoço no domingo), camping, zona infantil e música

1-day tickets

Prefer not to use Paypal? Email us at to arrange a different way to pay.



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ARTESANATO PARTILHADO is a unique gathering created by the Unifant Association to celebrate craft, connection and community. 

Your ticket provides you with everything you need to slow down and reconnect to an ancient rhythm of making, being and creating as one tribe.
  • 4 x 2-hour workshops from skilled artisans, including all your materials
  • Forest woodwork zone for green woodworking; fibre zone with spinning wheels, loom and wool crafts open throughout the weekend
  • Delicious vegetarian food, cooked together using traditional methods (we'll all take a turn being part of the kitchen team and preparing meals together)
  • Nature camping on our beautiful quinta, compost toilets and showers
  • Campfire jams, live music from talented musicians
  • Kids area open all weekend

This is more than a festival… it’s an invitation to slow down, connect to the land, and gather with an intimate tribe of people. We will work with our hands, make music, share food, and celebrate spring together. 

SHARE COOKING… everyone will be invited to join a session in the kitchen. As well as preparing our meals, we’ll share wisdom on fermenting, foraging, and cooking using traditional methods (open fire/retained heat).

SHARE CRAFT… ancestral techniques of weaving, pottery, basket making, beer making, felting and wood carving. You will have space for 4 x 2-hour workshops over the 2 days, plus open access to our fibre and wood carving zones where experienced artisans will guide you to be inspired to create and keep your own work.

SHARE JOY… Our tribe of talented musicians will be singing, playing and drumming throughout the weekend. When we cook, make and laugh together, we experience the true joy of community, and share connection beyond language, culture or history. Our roots are in the wild, are in the land, are in the deep joy of making beauty with our hearts and hands. 

Join us for a simple, slow celebration of the old ways of being. Limited tickets, so please book early.
ARTESANATO PARTILHADO é um encontro único criado pela Associação Unifant para celebrar o artesanato, a ligação e a comunidade. 

O seu bilhete fornece-lhe tudo o que precisa para abrandar e voltar a ligar-se a um ritmo antigo de fazer, ser e criar como uma tribo.

  • 4 oficinas de 2 horas de artesãos qualificados, incluindo todos os seus materiais
  • Zona de carpintaria florestal. Zone de fibra com rodas giratórias, tear e artesanato de lã aberta durante todo o fim-de-semana
  • Comida vegetariana deliciosa, cozinhada em conjunto utilizando métodos tradicionais (todos nós fazemos parte da equipa de cozinha e preparamos refeições em conjunto)
  • Natureza acampar na nossa bela quinta, casas de banho de compostagem e chuveiros
  • Compotas de fogueira, música ao vivo de músicos talentosos
  • Área para crianças aberta todo o fim-de-semana

Isto é mais do que um festival... é um convite para abrandar, ligar-se à terra e reunir-se com uma tribo íntima de pessoas. Trabalharemos com as nossas mãos, faremos música, partilharemos comida, e celebraremos a Primavera juntos. 

PARTILHAR COZIDA... todos serão convidados a juntar-se a uma sessão na cozinha. Além de prepararmos as nossas refeições, partilharemos sabedoria sobre fermentação, forragem e cozedura usando métodos tradicionais (fogo aberto/calor retido).

PARTILHAR ARTESANATO... técnicas ancestrais de tecelagem, cerâmica, fabrico de cestos, fabrico de cerveja, feltragem e escultura em madeira. Terá espaço para 4 oficinas de 2 horas durante os 2 dias, mais acesso aberto às nossas zonas de fibra e escultura em madeira onde artesãos experientes o guiarão para se inspirar a criar e manter o seu próprio trabalho.

PARTILHAR ALLEGRIA... A nossa tribo de músicos talentosos irá cantar, tocar e tocar bateria durante todo o fim-de-semana. Quando cozinhamos, fazemos e rimos juntos, experimentamos a verdadeira alegria da comunidade, e partilhamos a ligação para além da língua, cultura ou história. As nossas raízes estão na natureza, estão na terra, estão na alegria profunda de fazer beleza com os nossos corações e mãos. 

Junte-se a nós para uma celebração simples e lenta das velhas formas de ser. Bilhetes limitados, por isso, por favor reserve cedo.
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Sobre os Workshops e Líderes

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Lital is a traveling artist specializing in traditional crafts using natural materials, and Vinas is a musician who makes his own musical instruments. Both are experienced travelers and skilled survivors, and they share love for nature and simplicity. 

Lital and Vinas enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience through their workshops where they teach traditional crafts and essential survival skills, and they also offer their natural handicrafts for sale. 

Check out The Basket Lady:

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-17 at 13.17.18.jpeg


Workshop Fleece felting

Sarah is a wool enthusiast from Amsterdam. Since coming to Central Portugal 10 years ago, she´s been fascinated with the nature around her, sparking her creativity. Having had a affinity with fabrics and fibre ever since she can remember, her passion was ignited when she first came in touch with a raw sheep fleece. ´It is such a satisfying experience to start with something that is sometimes considered a waste product and turn it into something useful and beautiful´. 

In this ´taster workshop´ you will discover the joy of working with a raw fleece straight from the sheep: ´With warm water, soap and a bit of elbow grease, we will turn a piece of dirty fleece into a lightweight and soft seatpad. Unlike felting with combed or carded wool, we will do our best to retain the character of the wool as it was on the sheep, resulting in an organic, more rustic look.´

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Andy Manson - Guitar Workshop

Maybe you would be interested in technical stuff, set up and action considerations, tuning issues. I’m a professional guitar builder, I will be at Unifant with some appropriate tools and a fair amount of experience to share and demonstrate. You’re welcome to bring an instrument which we can together inspect and agree on possible adjustments and refinements, which I will be happy to perform.
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Foraging edible and medicinal plants with Lital and Vinas

We will go on a foraging trip where we will learn about the useful wild plants around us, how to forage in a safe and sustainable way, and that abundance of free food is growing all around us!
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Steve Cassidy – brewer and fermenter

I made my first batch of beer (from a Boots kit!) in around 1976 when I was still under age. Since then I’ve drunk my way through many types of beer and even been a partner in a microbrewery. But my home-brewing really got going around 12 years ago after moving to Portugal. Now I brew exclusively from grain (no malt extracts like you get in kits) and also dabble in many other kinds of fermented products – from miso and kimchi to sourdough breads. These workshops are about demonstrating and explaining my old-fashioned methods of grinding, mashing, sparging, boiling and hopping to obtain a high-quality wort. Later, the wort we’ve made will ferment for a couple of weeks before being packaged up ready to quench thirst at the summer Unifant!
Spinning workshop with Ana Alpande

Ana is an artist, trauma therapist and astrologer, born in Lisbon and now living in Fiais de Beira. She’s passionate about our connection to place, our relationships with the land and our community, and the way we weave stories, connections and experiences into the fabric of our daily lives. Part of the teaching team of Saber Fazer, she’s taught hundreds of students the art of spinning and weaving, from beginners to advanced students. Ana will be teaching spinning techniques, using raw wool, spindles and wheels to create yarn. And the stories, secrets and laughter will emerge by themselves, as the wheels turn…
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Pottery workshop with  Erin Neelands, MA & Debbie Manson


Erin Neelands.


Erin is a ceramicist living in the mountains of central Portugal.She comes from the cold and majestic land of south-central Alaska. Immersed in creative practice amongst beautiful natural surroundings, she designs both decorative vessels and unique hand-built functional ware for the home. Erin began working with clay at a young age, leading her to earn a BA in studio ceramics at The Evergreen State College, Washington, USA.Well versed in making, firing and glazing techniques, she spends her time creating and teaching aspiring potters the art of clay. Her work is a combination of slab and coil-built vessels finished using the ancient method of pit firing. The colour comes from layering dried organic material - all collected by hand - and powdered oxides amongst the pots.As the organic matter combusts, gases are released onto the pots leaving behind a range of colour. She is inspired by indigenous American pottery forms and uses many similar building and firing techniques in her process. 

Debbie Manson

Some of my earliest memories are of making thumb pots from a clay deposit on the family farm. When I was sixteen I went to Mexico and saw some guy making pots on a wheel; I was awestruck by the magic of the process! At my college in NJ. there was a great Ceramics Department; I watched others and practised. Deciding to live permanently in the U.K., I worked at a boys boarding school where the Headmaster was a self-sufficiency enthusiast and he was keen for me to teach pottery to the boys (& him!). We bought a wheel, tools and raw materials at the old Fulham Pottery, were given a small electric kiln, dug clay from the river & got started. Having moved to Portugal in 2010, I feel privileged to have the time, space and energy to continue with my passion in such beautiful surroundings. It's a complex world and life is sometimes confusing; it's good to have a refuge where beauty is created that contributes to the wellness of others and ourselves. Pottery and other "making/ creating" are ancient traditions and innate urges.. In carrying on there is a connection with timelessness, the earth, the knowledge and the ancients. 

Algumas das minhas memórias mais antigas são de fazer potes de polegar a partir de um depósito de barro na quinta da família. Quando tinha dezasseis anos, fui ao México e vi um tipo a fazer vasos numa roda; fiquei impressionado com a magia do processo! Na minha faculdade em N.J. havia um óptimo Departamento de Cerâmica; eu observava os outros e praticava. Decidindo viver permanentemente no Reino Unido, trabalhei num colégio interno para rapazes onde o director era um entusiasta da auto-suficiência e queria que eu ensinasse cerâmica aos rapazes (e a ele!). Comprámos uma roda, ferramentas e matérias-primas na antiga Fulham Pottery, recebemos um pequeno forno eléctrico, tirámos barro do rio e começámos. Depois de me ter mudado para Portugal em 2010, sinto-me privilegiada por ter tempo, espaço e energia para continuar com a minha paixão num ambiente tão bonito. O mundo é complexo e a vida é por vezes confusa; é bom ter um refúgio onde se cria beleza que contribui para o bem-estar dos outros e de nós próprios. A olaria e outras formas de "fazer/criar" são tradições antigas e impulsos inatos. Ao continuar, existe uma ligação com a intemporalidade, a terra, o conhecimento e os antigos.

erin image.jpg
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Basket weaving workshop with Lital (AKA The Basket Lady) and Vinas:

Using natural plant material and a versatile technique, previous weaving experience is not needed!
You will weave a useful small basket from start to finish!
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Dream catcher workshop with Lital and Vinas:

Learn how to weave and style your own unique dream catcher, using natural materials. 
This native American charm of protection and good luck would make a  lovely personalized gift and beautiful hanged decorative piece.


Unifant green woodwork team will be crafting an organic bench over the weekend using different traditional woodwork tools and equipment. 

Please come and join us in the woods to be part of the process, to add your makers mark on something long lasting for the Unifant land.


There will also be the opportunity to make a simple wooden item using basic hand tools. 

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Kids Workshop and Activities  Leader Katia

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-23 at 19.45.40 (2).jpeg

Welcome to Goatwoolsockmom, a loving, holistic, and creative haven for children and families at the Artisan Crafts Weekend Event! We are a passionate mother-daughters team, led by Katia, alongside Troia, Atlanta, and Pelagia. Our mission is to nurture and inspire young minds through holistic, natural, and intuitive approaches, focusing on imaginative storytelling, sensory play, and fostering a love for reading and art.

At Goatwoolsockmom, we believe in empowering children and their caregivers by offering engaging and immersive experiences that cater to each child's unique needs. Here's what we have in store for the little ones at the event:

    Storytelling: Join us as we weave magical tales with our original fantasy stories, sparking children's imaginations and transporting them to wondrous worlds.
    Sensory Play: Our open-ended sensory play corner brings our enchanting stories to life, encouraging children to explore, create, and learn in a tactile, hands-on environment.
    Quiet Corner: We understand that events can sometimes be overwhelming for kids. Our cozy reading nook, filled with books and comfy pillows, offers a peaceful space to unwind and enjoy a good story.
    Craft Space: Unleash your child's artistic side in our craft area, featuring guided art projects and opportunities for freeform creative play.
    Outdoor Play: For those with boundless energy, our outdoor space provides both free play and animator-led games and activities to help kids release energy and have fun.

Join Goatwoolsockmom at the Artisan Crafts Weekend Event and let your child embark on an unforgettable journey of holistic growth, natural learning, and intuitive exploration. We can't wait to meet you and share our passion for nurturing the next generation of lightworkers!



10.00 - Campsite opens
12.00 - Opening ceremony
13.00 - Lunch
14.00 - Afternoon of making & connecting.
18.00 - Shared dinner
20.00 - Live music, dancing, campfire


8.00 - Breakfast opens
9.00 - Morning dancing/stretching/embodied connection
10.00 - Workshop or free creating with woodworkers, weavers and wool spinners or foraging walk to gather wild foods for a shared lunch
13.00 - Lunch
14.00 - Final workshop or free creating with woodworkers, weavers and wool spinners
16.00 - Closing celebration

10.00 - Abre parque de campismo
12.00 - Cerimónia de abertura
13.00 - Almoço
14.00 - Tarde de fazer e conectar.
18.00 - Jantar partilhado
20.00 - Música ao vivo, dança, fogueira


8.00 - Pequeno-almoço abre
9.00 - Dança matinal/alongamento/conexão incorporada
10.00 - Workshop ou criação gratuita com marceneiros, tecelões e fiadores de lã ou caminhada de procura de alimentos para recolher alimentos selvagens para um almoço partilhado
13.00 - Almoço
14.00 - Workshop final ou criação gratuita com marceneiros, tecelões e fiadores de lã
16.00 - Celebração de encerramento


Do I have to participate in every activity?

No - you are free to do as much or as little as you like. If you want to focus on one craft, work on an object or skill, or just let go of expectations and BE in community on the land, you are most welcome. 

Do I have to camp?

No - if you live locally and would prefer to go home, you’re welcome to do so. But we encourage you to stay if you can - we expect the music making, campfire sharing and joy of being together to continue long into the night!

What food is included?

We’ll be serving 3 simple and delicious vegetarian meals each day - think soup, stews, bread, salad. One of the meals will include wild greens foraged from the land, led by our experienced wild food gatherers. 

We’ll have a few extra snacks available each evening, if you want to buy additional food. You’re welcome to bring your own snacks if you’re worried you might be hungry! Please let us know if you have any additional dietary needs, and we’ll do our best to cater for them. 

Can I attend every workshop?

We designed the weekend to feel slow, spacious and open. Each workshop session is 2 hours long, so you can learn a skill and have the opportunity to practice it with guidance from the artisans. If you want to, you will be able to attend up to 4 different workshops. We imagine you will also want to walk around the site, drop in to the woodworking and fibre areas, and relax! Our intention is to slow down, connect to the land, breathe deeply and remember how it feels to live life at a slower pace.

Is there a bar?

We will have a small bar open during the weekend with snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, beer and wine. 

What level are the workshops?

From beginner to advanced - our passionate and experienced artisans are there to share their knowledge and skills. If you already have some experience in a skill, we welcome you to share your wisdom too. This is about us creating together in community, learning from each other, as humans have done for thousands of years.

Can I keep the things I make?

Yes! Your pottery, felting, weaving, woodworking are all included in your ticket and you’ll be able to take home your creations.

Where does my ticket price go?

Unifant is a registered non-profit association, entirely staffed by volunteers who are passionate about promoting play, connection and creativity in this region. The cost of your ticket covers your food, materials, and the infrastructure to make the weekend possible (e.g. tents, kitchen, licenses etc)
Tenho que participar de todas as atividades?

Não - você é livre para fazer o quanto quiser. Se você quer se concentrar em um ofício, trabalhar em um objeto ou habilidade, ou apenas deixar de lado as expectativas e SER em comunidade na terra, você é muito bem-vindo.

Tenho que acampar?

Não - se você mora no local e prefere ir para casa, pode fazê-lo. Mas encorajamos você a ficar, se puder - esperamos que a música, o compartilhamento da fogueira e a alegria de estar juntos continuem noite adentro!

Que comida está incluída?

Serviremos 3 refeições vegetarianas simples e deliciosas todos os dias - pense em sopa, ensopados, pão, salada. Uma das refeições incluirá verduras silvestres colhidas na terra, lideradas por nossos experientes coletores de alimentos silvestres.

Teremos alguns lanches extras disponíveis todas as noites, se você quiser comprar comida adicional. Você pode trazer seus próprios lanches se estiver preocupado com a fome! Informe-nos se tiver alguma necessidade alimentar adicional e faremos o possível para atendê-la.

Posso participar de todos os workshops?

Projetamos o fim de semana para parecer lento, espaçoso e aberto. Cada sessão de workshop tem 2 horas de duração, para que você aprenda uma habilidade e tenha a oportunidade de praticá-la com a orientação dos artesãos. Se você quiser, poderá participar de até 4 workshops diferentes. Imaginamos que você também vai querer passear pelo local, passar pelas áreas de carpintaria e fibra e relaxar! Nossa intenção é desacelerar, conectar-se com a terra, respirar fundo e lembrar como é viver a vida em um ritmo mais lento.

Existe um bar?

Teremos um pequeno bar aberto durante o fim de semana com lanches, bebidas não alcoólicas, cerveja e vinho.

Qual é o nível das oficinas?

Do iniciante ao avançado - nossos artesãos apaixonados e experientes estão lá para compartilhar seus conhecimentos e habilidades. Se você já tem alguma experiência em uma habilidade, convidamos você a compartilhar sua sabedoria também. Trata-se de criarmos juntos em comunidade, aprendendo uns com os outros, como os humanos fazem há milhares de anos.

Posso ficar com as coisas que faço?

Sim! Sua cerâmica, feltragem, tecelagem e carpintaria estão incluídos no seu ingresso e você poderá levar para casa suas criações.

Para onde vai o preço do meu ingresso?

A Unifant é uma associação sem fins lucrativos registrada, inteiramente composta por voluntários apaixonados por promover brincadeiras, conexão e criatividade nesta região. O custo do seu ingresso cobre sua alimentação, materiais e infraestrutura para tornar o fim de semana possível (por exemplo, tendas, cozinha, licenças etc.)

Address: Companhia/Unifant

Vale dos Coelhinhos

6270-604 Travancinha (seia)


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Mobile: 00351 915 363 702

Fixt: 00351 238 098 355


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