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Below you find the program, an eclectic mix of live music and Dj's.

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Co-create with us

Are you an artist, or do you know any artists, interested in performing at Unifant or at other events? For Unifant 2019 our program is full, bud we are always looking for musicians, bands, workshopleaders, healing therapists, street artists and other performers who connect with our vision. Do you get energy from sharing your skills, creations, performances and self with other people? Companhia would like to put its energy in you!


Feel free to contact us and we will get back to you shortly.


Dylectic (BE)

Wiz kid Jef Vanderlinden aka Dyslectic  joins us for this year's Unifant festival with a brand spanking new live set! At the age of 10  a friend of his mom’s accidentally left a MC 303 groove box at his home. Jef has been producing. So Dyslectic is, despite his 32 years of age, a veteran in electronic music producing . In his last 22 years as producer, using different pseudo's (Voxcoder, Stoika,...),  he has been exploring  many styles like IDM, Dub step, Drum and Bass, downbeat and trip hop. The last few years he's been his work has been inspired by the Berlin electro wave with its breakthrough music from the bPitch and monkeytown-label. Guttering basslines, lush synths and dub-influenced textures work their way through the tracks, keeping things crispy and fresh. We are very much looking forward to his new work!!!

The Hoffman (BE)

A project in which 2 beat doctors (Drusus and Dektro) collaborate by hooking up as many synthesizers and drum computers as they can fit on a 3 by 2 meter table. What happens next is pure calculated magic: efficient and essential acid music which will take us on a mind-boggling, hypnotic odyssey. The Hoffmen will play the audience like one of their synths and bring even the biggest cynic into full-blown ecstasy!

Dj D.C. (BE)

Companhia and Unifant resident will be joining us again this year! A new edition, a new set-up: DC will shuffle styles and spice up tracks with 909,808 and 606 beats. Get ready for an eclectic trip into electronic music land! 

Captein Calippo (BE)

When least expected, expect the unexpected!
Kapitein Calippo is joining us again for Unifant festival 2019. This late-night DJ played three nights in a row on the Unifant edition of 2017. 
This year he’s gonna close the first and the last night with his eclectic DJ skills. 
Expect the unexpected: music from every decade, lots of classics combined with hidden musical treasures and all styles of music put together in one big mix. 
All night long ‘till the morning comes!

ł₦₦ɆⱤ₴₱₳₵Ɇ (pt)   


We are so #$@&%*! -ing happy to present you this really nice reggea/ska/dub/psychedelic 4 piece called ł₦₦ɆⱤ₴₱₳₵Ɇ. 
They will be playing a bunch of originals and classics, guaranteed to get you jumping and jiving with a killer selection of psychedelic and groovy tunes!

Pot & Pan (BE)

Pot & Pan is an alternative rock band from Belgium. They will present us their debut album: the jolly season. They will submerge the valley in mesmerizing melodies and amaze us with wonderful and somewhat eccentric lyrics.

Melancour (pt)   

This singer-songwriter is something special. 

He brings personal, autobiographical songs who are a reflection on his personal ongoing growing process at the ‘University of life’. 
With his music he hopes to inspire people and to contribute to the creation of an beautiful and peaceful world. 
Come and sing along!!!


As a part of the notorious DC - andC? dj collective who roamed the Hagueland (Belgium) in the 2000's Collina has built up an incredible experience as a DJ. The last few years Collina has been submerging himself in the depths of YouTube gathering the funkiest tracks available. Come and check his pickings!


is a Singer,songwriter,poet,dreamer,romantic and classically trained multi instrumentalist, who played in bands all over Europe. 
Now living in Portugal and actively promoting songwriting ,publishing, performance and Peace on Earth! 
He will play an accoustic set of Indie, folk and soft rock originals and covers.

OrgaN!ck! (PT)

Joy fuelled psy-progressive beats.

Rusty Don (BE)

A blues trio playing hypnotic, rural blues and boogie. All 3 members come from a tiny Belgian Village: Boutersem: the new Mississippi. They play songs of their own making as well as classics from the North Mississippi Hill country blues. Think RL Burnside, North Mississippi Allstars, Kenny Brown... Really an experimental carpet ride through the history of blues. Get ready for a serious amount of ants in your pants! 


 Kumpania is a band consisting of 6 musicians from Portugal, England, Hungary and Chile. They play a fusion of gipsy, reggea, afro and folk. These people are gonna make you swing sweat and make your feet hurt!

Come and check 'em out!


 This experienced Belgian techno DJ will guide us into the night on the first festival day! He will steer the dancefloor from the Jamaican beach right to the Berlin techno caves!

Co2 (UK/PT)

Started dj`ing back in 1995 in the UK, under the dj name `Tintin`,and played alongside top djs in the Uk and Ibiza, ranked in the top 20 UK DJ`s in 1998 and nominated in the Drum and Bass Arena awards in 1999.
since then he has covered various styles until finally settling on just Drum and Bass since 2000 under the dj name `Co2`.

From 1999- 2006 he set-up and co-ran a DnB and Hip-Hop Label and Dubplate pressing business based in the UK.

Now he's living in Portugal and signed to Detox Agency and is dj`ing around Europe alongside many top name DJ`s. 
In Portugal Co2 appears alongside other artists from Acetate Recordings such as his MC The lone wolf.

Lately he's also producing tracks under the name Gakona and has several links with labels including ST Holdings, Detox, Dread Rec, and Aphix PT. and Acetate Recordings.

Co2's soundcloudpage:


Dism is a DJ based in Brussels, where only the funky survive, and that he is. Where George Clinton is a funky prophet, he considers himself as one of the apostles or funkateers. Spreading love and funk everywhere he goes.

Dism runs a musical collective and radioprogram FRUIT which provides musical vitamins, keeping you healthy and smiling. With FRUIT he hosts a monthly night at Kumiko Brussels.

As resident DJ of Club Madame Moustache brussels he hosts a monthly soul night called U-SOUL. He's always looking for that soulful, funky groove to create a positive and open atmosphere. Free your mind and your ass will follow.

You can also catch Dism regularly at Kiosk Radio in Parc Royal Brussels.

For Unifant he promises sets full of Hippie Disco, Afro Boogie, Psychedelic Funk and the sweet music of love: Soul !

Dektro (BE)

Since his first release on the MUFF label netlabel in 2008, Dektro has been pushing the boundaries of pure hardware electronic live performances. After a release on the internationally recognised We Play House label, he played on festivals like Les Ardentes and Rock Werchter. In his live sets, he makes use of synthesizers, drumcomputers, sequencers but also guitar pedals or cassette decks. No two sets are ever the same!

Dr. Space feat Martin Weaver

Unifant is a festival without boundaries: meet our intergalactic guests: 
Dr. Space feat Martin Weaver !!!
As a part of the Øresund Space Collective they play totally improvised space rock music. 
Dr. Space and Martin Weaver met in 2017. During the hot summer of 2018 they got together and worked on the magnificent, recently released 'Alien Planet Trip Vol 3" Album.

Get ready to be warped to another dimension and escape the matrix!…/dr-spaces-ali…

Jazz DRT

Recently relocating from Oakland California, Jazz DRT are now based in Tomar Portugal. 
This duo will perform twice on our beloved Unifant festival 2019. One show accoustic the other electronic. 
Shobhan Smash, originally from the UK was a vinyl Techno DJ from the Bay Area who also performed internationally. 
Now she is a part of Jazz DRT as vocalist and writer co creating with Smash, producer and rapper originally from Ohio. They create techno, experimental electronic music and acoustic songs.

Carlos geometri Gonzalez

"Growing up as a teenager in Brighton (UK) in the mid 90’s Carlos Geometri Gonzalez was surrounded by an explosion of new dance music & free parties, however it was the early Jungle scene that enticed him to sell his drum kit and buy decks.. from those early heady days as the Jungle / Drum & Bass scene emerged he has traversed and incorporated many genres into his DJ’ing career which now spans over 2 decades.. trip hop, hip hop, breakbeat, electro, techno, house and oldskool hardcore.. basically he rarely likes to get boxed into definitions of musical genres.

Over the years he has had various residencies in Brighton at Audio, The Concorde, Ocean Rooms, The Volks & more. A scratch DJ for a band W.O.M.B which rocked Glastonbury and other festivals.

In the late 2000’s he formed Geometri with a long time friend, producing Parisian influenced electro house with an 80’s nostalgia & heavy baselines. With remixes and singles being released over various labels. Again hosting weekly residencies in Brighton and London. As well as regular slots at Battlejam with Beardyman & JFB.

Now Carlos brings all this experience together to create musical journeys, with phat beats and heavy baselines to get people moving & grooving.


Last year we had a magical closing of the festival as all artists came together on the stage to jam! this year we've decided to also organise an electronic jamsession! Very much looking forward to what this year’s jam sessions will bring!

Captain Goof and the (drunken) sailors (BE)


Great news came to us from all wind directions: Captain Goof and the (drunken) Sailors are accidentally setting sail to Portugal! 
After a steering mistake of one of his (drunken) sailors they ended up in a fight with 8 krakens at the Portuguese coast. Although they fought brave and honored Poseidon (and Bachus) every day of their nautical life, their ship is heavily damaged! Among the losses of the fight: a giant barrel of Caribbean rum!!! 
Since the reparations of their ship (and the search for a new barrel of rum) will take a while, they accepted to pay us a visit and try to get drunk on Superbock instead.

Crossing borders and oceans, the Captain and his sailors will take you on a musical journey throughout the history of funk and disco. Come aboard and discover deep sea gems and rarities that get your body moving and let you forget your hangover. 
During 2 hours the captain and his sailors will serve you the best musical breakfast imaginable.

Avast Mateys! And see you all on the dancefloor!

Yours truly,

The Captain

Jef klock

This Belgian DJ is fascinated by all music older than himself. 
Get ready for a smart mix of obscure as well as well known funky 80ies tracks!
After countless visits to all flea markets and record stores in Belgium he ended up with a big enough collection of vinyl to make your legs go crazy! 
Woop Woop!

O Fundo do posso


5 Portuguese hard rockers will rocking our stage on sunday!

Deep, deep down… behind a nothingness you can only guess at because as you descend time expands, and the possibility of braking no longer exists… remains desperation become word. A cry of resistance that from the very bottom of that well - a bottom you can never reach, because it is always lower down - howls a resounding echo of our conscience.

It is there, in this space of vertigo, that we are the electrification of our wills. It is there, in the combination of possible existences, that we are chaos become sound. This is where we celebrate life, death, and immerse ourselves in this caustic ritual called rock music, which embeds and alienates us. We need this alienation by sound as much as those who vegetate on the surface need the air that they pollute with their existences.

Right on!

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