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We are in the process of putting a fantastic program together. Below you find the first confirmed artists. The program will be an eclectic mix of live music and Dj's.

Also keep an eye out for more announcements on Facebook

Birte Volta (DE)

Her music style ranges from folk over soul and blues. She is well able to rock the stage just by herself, but can also go very melodic

Kitty Solaris (DE)

Her music is a vibrant mixture of modern songwriting, hypnotic pop and contemplative dancefloor.

On her albums she worked with producers like Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor)
and Brio Taliaferro (Empire Of The Sun, Sugarbabes).

Dj D.C. (BE)

An eclectic Dj-performer who shuffles styles and spices up dancable techno- breakbeat tunes with self-fabricated drumloops and samples. Enjoy!

Garyn (UK/PT)

Soft rock, acoustic, blues, indie....a mixture of original and covers!

Dj OrgaN!ck! (PT)

Joy fuelled psy-progressive beats.

Music For Humans (UK/PT)

At the dawn of time, a group of gentle particles found each other and have travelled through galaxies and universes together as unicorns, faeries, purple and green monsters, beards, warriors, farmers, ninjas and robots to their current incarnation as Music for Humans. They draw on all their experiences to bring you some music. For Humans (and any other creatures who happen to be listening).

Joana, João e o cão


Joana and João met many years ago and came from very different backgrounds. They're differences are what makes they're music such a unique common ground as they so naturally complement each other playing streets, bars and parties as it was a family affair, delivering from originals to eclectic cover tunes."

Co-create with us

Are you an artist, or do you know any artists, interested in performing at Unifant? We are now looking for musicians, bands, workshopleaders, healing therapists, street artists and other performers who connect with our vision. Do you get energy from sharing your skills, creations, performances and self with other people? Companhia would like to put its energy in you!


Feel free to contact us and we will get back to you shortly.


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