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Help out

Are you interested in helping us make Unifant a colorful and well organized reality? We would love to have you with us before and during the festival!


From 4 weeks beforehand we will need help making stands, a stage, dance temple, compost toilets, many decorations and so much more. All of you with inspiration, creative ideas, building skills or general motivation to join in where needed are invited to get in touch with us!


A week before the start of the festival we would like to have established a fun and motivated team that is also our core team during the festival. Are you a skilled organizer or do you have interests and skills associated with one of our festival areas (kitchen, bar, technical support, etc.), please let us know!


In exchange we can offer you a fantastic and inspiring atmosphere with like-minded people, enough free time to relax and enjoy summertime, food and stay at our campsite for only €7,- a day and a free Unifant ticket.

Please send us an email describing your qualities, wishes and availability at


Are you:

  • a motivated, enthusiastic and creative personality who would like to build up the festival?

  • someone who likes to work in an amazing team; create, cook, build, decorate,... and also have time to relax?

  • available to start helping between July 10th and August 1st?

  • willing to work 6h/day during the festival?

  • looking for a free Unifant ticket?


We are looking forward to welcoming you in our team!


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