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We are in the process of putting a fantastic program together. Below you find the workshops you can join at Unifant festival. Workshops are for free or donation based!

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Hatha Flow Yoga 

By Chloe Thorogood (UK)


Chloe’s signature style is to teach a creative Hatha flow class with a focus on alignment. All aspects of the yoga practice are invited into the class with pranayama, asana, meditation and some philosophical insight. She also excels in delving deeper into poses and their therapeutic benefits though a yin style practice.

Drumming Circle...and other sounds!
By Suze Elliott (UK/PT) and Nick Hordsen (UK/PT)

Come and join our drumming Circle, where we become one with each other and nature. The rhythm of the drum at the heart of it. Bring an instrument :- Drums, rattles, voices, didgeridoos, hands and hearts.
In union we will drum the essence of creation together.


Shamanic Journey

By Suze Elliott (UK/PT) 


Learn the technique and experience a Shamanic Journey! The drum will lead you deep into dream time. The non-ordinary realms that open you up to so much more than the mundane world which most of us think of as reality. One of the most ancient spiritual experiences!

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Co-create with us

Are you an artist, or do you know any artists, interested in performing at Unifant? We are now looking for musicians, bands, workshopleaders, healing therapists, street artists and other performers who connect with our vision. Do you get energy from sharing your skills, creations, performances and self with other people? Companhia would like to put its energy in you!


Feel free to contact us and we will get back to you shortly.


Voice Liberation

By Francisca Zee (NL)


Be the sound and set it free!


Why are we afraid to use our voice? Why are we afraid to speak in public or to sing when we know someone is listening?


Being vulnerable and diving into the fear of rejection is what you will experience in the workshop " Voice liberation". It will not only free your voice, but it will also free you as a person. If you would like to liberate your voice and become more present as a person, join this workshop!


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During Unifant we have some exelent massage therapists present! You want to relex and recharge? Take your pick!

Paint and dance

By Lisa Gaden (DE)


You overcome your movement-habits and you are encouraged to trust your own bodylanguage, disregarding the control of the head.


How can your arm move like this line?

Which forms are making you jump?

What kind of colour brings your knees to the ground?


It will be a great experiment for everybody - Let's make an awesome painting all together and get the movement out of there! I would love to share this process with you lovely people at unifant...

Diatonic harmonica

By João Luz (PT)

This harmonica workshop is aimed both from beginners to advanced players alike taking individual levels into account. We'll be dealing with the major principles and techniques used to play this supposedly diatonic instrument. From children tunes, train imitations, the Blues, rock, Jazz and other styles we will see and hear how versatile the harmonica is and how it can accommodate in such an array of music styles and trends. A "C" tuned harmonica is necessary in order to get the most out of this workshop.

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