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Below you find the workshops you can join at Unifant festival. Workshops are for free or donation based!

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Kirtan-Bhajan Singing with Joline Maria Luijckx

Singing is part of the expression of life. 
Even before we started talking, we were already humming. Singing stimulates right brain activity which makes the thinking part of the mind takes a backseat. 
As a result we feel rested, balanced and energized. When we chant Sanskrit mantras it has an impact on consciousness. 
It will send positive vibrations into the atmosphere and creates more positivity and light in our (collective) mindsets.

Bring your instruments and soak yourself into the music!

Spikeball Workshop


Mens sana in corpore sano is a famous latin phrase and we at Unifant festival take that very seriously! Time for a sporting activity!

We've invited the renowned Belgian Spike Ball team Spikebockers Leuven to give us a taste of this fairly new but exciting sport!

Spikeball is a fun, active and competitive 2-on-2 game played with rules that are similar to volleyball. Players of all ages can enjoy this magnificent game!

The Spike Bockers Leuven Team will help you to get to know the sport and sharpen your skills around the net. So Let these athletes perfect your curveball, slice and backhand and get to know all the hidden tactics the game has to offer!

Spike you later!

Aerial Workshop

Carinan is an artist and aerialist. She is part of Airetiko Aerial, a group of aerialists that have devised and performed shows at festivals such as Glastonbury and Boomtown. They also teach workshops at festivals and in Sussex and host their own aerial camps for beginners. She will be teaching at Unifant. Everyone is welcome. Come have a go at rope, loop or hoop.


aerial workshop.jpg

Shamanic Journey by Suze Elliott

Learn the technique and experience a Shamanic Journey! 
The drum will lead you deep into dream time. 
The non-ordinary realms that open you up to so much more than the mundane world which most of us think of as reality. One of the most ancient spiritual experiences!

Find out more at:



During Unifant we have some exelent massage therapists present! You want to relex and recharge? Take your pick!

Yoga with Fran Moulder:


Fran Moulder will join us again to start the day with a wonderfull yogaclass! This year she also treats us to some Yoga Nidra in the afternoons :-)
Yoga Nidra means Yogic Sleep and is between 15-45 minutes of deep relaxation. 
The practice creates space for deep healing by tapping into the sub conscious mind and therefore changing old habits and conditionings. 
It's an amazing therapeutic practice proven to help with conditions like insomnia, anxiety, stress, addictions and trauma.


Unity Bracelet

Silvia loves colors, a lot, everywhere…

Original from Braga, Portugal, she moved to intercultural Dublin, gloomy city colored by diversity.

The biggest inspiration for her handmade art is our mother land of all, Africa.

The sound, the shapes, the smells, the colors, the music… it all flows into her art.

Her beads are made out of polymer clay and moroccan natural pigments, after coloring and being shaped into the clay, it’s hardened in the oven, sanded, polished and, finally, varnished.

Bring colors to you everyday life with these handmade African crafts, make your own jewelry, design your own fashion.

Get a little taste of her beads in the workshop “Unity Bracelet”, young and old are welcome to get creative and craft your own bracelet at Unifant.


Check out her other work at the market on Saturday and Sunday.


(this workshop is free, voluntary donations are appreciated to cover materials)

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