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After years of fantasizing, dreaming and conversing with all our Companhia friends about how wonderfully fitting a festival on our land would be: a little utopia for children and grownups to play, laugh and dance. To be together and celebrate life! A festival with colorful people, delicious food, good music, inspiring workshops and lots of things to discover...  We are now extremely proud to present our United Fantasy to you:


Unifant at Companhia summer 2016


Imagine... our hobbely land surrounded by it´s huge, ancient rocks with the colorful summer-garden as its centerpiece in the middle. Tents are filling the terraces and are scattered around the large fields below. The mimosa forest is transformed into a shady paradise full of cute sitting areas and the oh so familiar hammocks are hanging all around. Following the lights and decorations in the trees you end up at the other side, overlooking the valley while you enjoy a freshly brewed cup of chai. The trees got bigger and the variety of vegetation on our beautiful land is becoming more and more visible.

The sounds of musical instruments motivate you to walk back up to the central area. Smells of delicious food are coming at you from all angles, you see children and grownups playing and laughing together. Various street artists are bringing even more liveliness to the whole. From afar you see a workshop taking place, maybe you´ll join them tomorrow, or would you rather have a wonderful massage?

Your thinking dissolves to the background and makes room for pure excitement when you see our very own dance temple rising from the ground. First it´s dancing time! 


Unifant 2end edition!

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