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Unifant Festival 2024

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This festival is created "by the people, for the people". Enter your email address below to have fun, learn new skills, make new friends, and be part of this community experience. We'll send you details of our volunteer vacancies, upcoming workdays, and opportunities to learn and play with us!

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  • Saturday 27th January (call for woodworkers!)
  • Sunday 18th February (with evening jam session to follow)
  • Saturday 9th March
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Unifant is a small, non-profit festival started in 2016 as a celebration of community, creativity and play in Central Portugal.

On 21-23 July 2023 we'll gather over 3 days and 2 nights to laugh, dance, play, make, swim, eat, and connect. If you would like to find out what makes this community so special - come and find out! We would love to welcome you!

Our Story

Unifant is a tiny organisation with an enormous heart - and a vision to connect people through festivals and events that feel like one big family coming together.

We're a 100% volunteer run, non-profit association based in Travancinha, near Seia. It all started when a group of friends threw a party for the valley community in 2016. Fast forward a few years, and our movement was beginning to grow. In 2019 we made it official and founded our Association, with a mission to build connection - between old and young, between immigrants and locals, past and present.

At our joyful, inclusive events we remember what connects us as human beings, through music, play and creativity. We like to dress up, eat good food, dance until dawn, and enjoy the chaos that emerges.

Relax, explore, share, meet new friends and enjoy our magical festival land.

Our Location

Unifant Festival is hosted in the beautiful surroundings of Quinta Companhia in Travancinha, Seia,

Central Portugal.


Over the past decade, this space has inspired hundreds of people from all around the world, bringing out their creative impulses and sparking art, music, and projects like the Unifant Festival.


With the help of volunteers, camping guests and building enthusiasts the overgrown landscape has been transformed into a little paradise where basic needs can be provided and the joy of nature can be fully experienced.


Companhia is a place where creativity can flourish, where dreams can come true, where the impossible becomes reality.It's been described as "a project that wants to evolve through the past. Moving back to a natural way of living that also fits into the present. Our goal is to search for the ideal combination of traditional knowledge and new technologies, to find a balance between past, present and future."


Camping is included in your weekend ticket cost.


We offer showers, drinking water, compost toilets and plenty of space in our natural campground. We ask that guests please use our limited water supply mindfully.

Fires and camping stoves are strictly prohibited. We take our responsibility to protect the land from fire very seriously, and welcome your help in stewarding this beautiful place.


There is very limited shade in the camping, so plan to enjoy your days on the festival site where we have plenty of shady spots to rest, dance and play!

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WHERE IS THE FESTIVAL? The festival takes place at Quinta da Companhia, Travancinha, Seia, Central Portugal. Find out how to find the site, including directions, here.

DO I HAVE TO BUY A TICKET FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND? No. Day tickets are available. However, if you can, we'd prefer you to stay for both nights. We love the community feeling of a whole weekend spent together - it makes for the most magical party ;-)

WHAT ARE THE CAMPING FACILITIES LIKE? It's a short downhill walk from the car parking to the camping. You are free to pitch your tent where you like i the designated zone. Camping is in open fields (not much shade!). There are compost toilets, showers, and drinking water. We ask you to be mindful of your water use and conserve what you can.

CAN I BRING MY CAMPERVAN? Yes, we have limited space to park campervans. We ask a small fee (5EUR) as it means opening up access to an extra zone. Just choose the Campervan option when you book your ticket.

WHY AREN'T DOGS ALLOWED AT THE FESTIVAL? We love dogs! But we have several resident dogs onsite who prefer to have the space to themselves. We respect the wishes of our non-human team members - as they are genrously allowing hundreds of people to come into their space for the weekend. We hope you understand.

WILL THERE BE ALCOHOL? Yes - we have a bar serving beer, wine, and some special festival cocktails. We also have plenty of delicious non-alcohol options including juice, water kefit, lemonade, kombucha... however you would like to be refreshed, we have a beverage for you!

ARE KIDS WELCOME? Yes! Our organising team includes many families, and we welcome people of all ages to our dancefloor.

IS DRINKING WATER AVAILABLE? Yes, drinking water is available free onsite throughout the festival.

IS THERE SOMEWHERE TO SWIM/COOL OFF? We have a small plunge pool which you are welcome to cool off in over the weekend.

IS THERE SHADE? Yes, we have shady forest areas and tents for you to relax in. Plus beautiful sunset views, and refreshing iced drinks to keep you cool!

DO YOU HAVE ANY VOLUNTEER TICKETS AVAILABLE? At the time of writing, yes! Email us at and we'll let you know what spaces we have on the schedule.

CAN I PERFORM AT THE FESTIVAL? We love to showcase local talent, original artists, and wild performances! If you have a talent to share, email us at and we'll get in touch!

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