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Unifant opens the gates Friday at 14.00h and closes Sunday Afternoon.

Children under the age of 13 years enjoy Unifant for free.

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By purchasing a Unifant ticket, you will help serve the following purposes:

  • Contributing to accommodate the artists.

  • Helping to maintain our infrastucture.

  • Fire Saftey and regeneration of the land.

  • Supporting the continous growth of the community and the spreading of its ecological altruistic vision. You will give more and more people the chance to experience its beauty!

By purchasing a Unifant ticket, you agree with the following terms and conditions:

Tips on what to bring:


Companhia is located in a remote area of Portugal. The closest city is 20 min. away by car and our charming but small village does not have a cashmachine or supermarket. Here are a few things that might be usefull to have with you:

  • cash

  • camping gear (no gasfires allowed cause of extreme firerisk!)

  • suncream

  • tabacco

  • flaslight(!)


We kindly ask you to please support Companhia by not bringing your own alcohol and food to the festval, thank you all so much!

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